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"Someone asked me if their office had all the food and entertainment items in their waiting room.....my reply was "No, they don't need it. We are always in and out when we are supposed to be, I don't know if they just don't overbook or if they are just that good". The level of knowledge and professionalism by both Dr. Lash, Dr. Rubin, and their staff is admirable....I love their office!" - Sue

"The Lash / Rubin team is the very BEST in the business of orthodontics. They make you feel so comfortable and completely at ease - whether it’s your child - or you - having the service done! Their work is amazing and the results will make you so very happy that you chose them!" - Tina

"Lash/Rubin Orthodontics is the best! Dr. Rubin is amazing and makes the kids feel welcome and comfortable.  And the results were just amazing! My next one will be starting braces there soon!" - Lauren

"Three kids, three sets of braces. I can’t say enough good things about Lash Rubin Orthodontics. They are incredibly accommodating with the kids' appointments, honest, great staff, and most importantly great results. We would recommend them over and over again!!" - Andrea

"Drs. Rubin, Lash and their staff are gentle, upbeat, knowledgeable, and professional. 35 years after a terrible experience getting braces elsewhere, my teeth had moved back. Dr. Rubin has now realigned my teeth. This time in a way that was pleasant, convenient, and for good. I'll definitely bring my daughter here when she's old enough for braces." - P'ninah

"I wish I could give this practice 10 stars. My kids have had nothing but exceptional care and treatment with both Drs. Lash and Rubin. From the very beginning, they were upfront and honest about the plan for each of my kids. The office staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They schedule the patients perfectly. We NEVER had to wait. Both of my kids received exceptional treatment and I get to look at their perfect smiles every day as proof. If you are looking for the BEST - Look no further." - Rebecca